Me and Mary


I was alone at home watching tv. Then my cell phone beeped and the text message came. I opened the message, and I discovered that it was from Mary. "Hi! How are you? Haven't seen you long time, I'd like to see you today ... or do you have something else? ". I wondered for a moment and I decided to reply: "Well hi! Nothing ... just some rest and sleep for a long time. I'd like to see you too ... Let's meet at five in front of nearest bar ". I shut down telly and went to my room to dress. I was excited, because Mary was very nice and even very beautiful girl.
I was ready in an instant and looked at the clock. It was only half past four. I had a craving to jerk off before I would go and I took a porn video of the closet and put it in my videos. There were two women and one man in the video, all men's dream. I started to jerk off and it felt wonderful. I came on my stomach. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself and I left to the city. When I arrived in front of the bar, Mary was already there. I said hello and we hugged each other.
Mary was very impressive-looking today. He had a white tank top and tight white trousers. He was actually looking really thrilling. We went to the bar, sit down and we talked about all the things that had happened to us in nearby times. We were there for about half an hour and we decided to go for us. "What we will do there?" Mary asked. "I don't know, but I'm alone there today", I replied and smiled. "Yeah, well let's see what we can do" Mary said. We came to our door and I opened it.
We walked in and we went to watch the telly. Mary went to have some water from the kitchen. I looked at her small and tight ass when he walked. I had a boner. Mary came back to the couch to sit beside me. I looked her small, but stimulating breasts, which are popping out from under her tight shirt. I put my hand on her leg and looked at her. He looked at me and we began to kiss. It felt wonderful. In the same time I rubbed her firm breasts and back.

Mary opened my shirt buttons and began to lick my stomach and chest muscles. He went down and began to open my belt. My dick wanted to get out of the trousers, as it bottled under them hard as a rock. Mary opened my pants and took out my dick. He's pulling the foreskin back and forth and it was wonderful. He began to take my dick in her mouth and I was so in heat that I was going to come already. Mary licked my dick all the way to and sunk it into her small mouth.
He knew how to blowjob perfectly and I got to enjoy her sweet little mouth. Mary made some handjob while she sucked my big dick horny. "Now we fuck, fuck like in Hell!" She shouted at me. Mary lift up and began to undress herself. She first took her tight top off and revealed the underlying white bra. Mary's breasts were lovely-looking, and I wanted to get to caress them. Then she took off his pantsand strict and sexy thongs. I pulled she towards myself and I opened her bra.
I found small, but firm breasts, that I began to lick lustfully. I licked Mary's hard nipples and twists his hands tight, circular ass. I turned Mary and started to take off her thong. I took them out and began to lick her sweet ass. It tasted wonderful. I pushed her on the bed and spread her legs, so I could get access to his sweet treasure. I pressed my head to his hot pussy and started licking. I played with my tongue on Mary's clitoris and she also seemed to like.
Mary pushed my head deeper into the pussy and moaned loudly. I stopped licking and took my hard dick into my hand. I pushed it slowly into Mary's really tight and wet pussy. Mary made deep breath when she got big dick into her tight nest. I started to push my dick into her with slow moves and it felt absolutely wonderful. I had never got such wonderful pussy. Same time I touched Mary's firm breasts when I fucked her slowly. It was heavenly to fuck so beautiful and cute girl as Mary was. I started to push harder my dick inside her and it made him scream. She screamed and squirmed on the couch horny. 
I fucked her as hard as I could and I began to feel a deploying point. "You're not going to come inside me?" Asked Mary hasty. "Well I don't think so," I said while I was fucking her. "Take it to your mouth before I come," I said to her. "Okay, I'll take!" She replied. I felt my cum to be already on the way out from my dick  and I took it quickly out of the hot pussy. "Now it comes!", I yelled her. I went to the front of Mary and she began to jerk me. "Aaahh !!" I yelled when I let my cum go to her mouth. Mary sucked my dick horny and took all the sperm in her mouth. My cum was coming out from her mouth, and it was thrilling sighted. "That was wonderful," said Mary and licked my dick one time. "Yes it was. You were wonderfully tight" I answered her. Mary went to the door and I gave her a wet kiss. "We'll see sometimes?", Mary asked and grinned sexily. "Certainly," I replied, and shut the door.